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Please take note of the anticipated close date for each fabric preorder, as well as the fabric types. Not all designs will be available in all bases. You MUST place your deposit prior to posted close date, so that we have time to place our order. 

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TMNT Custom Fabric Preorder

Available until 9/29

TMNT 2 Ways!

Fabric Anthropology doesn't pull any stops when it comes to fabric design. Their fabric is a dream to work with and so is the team for that matter. FA has 2 different styles of TMNT available for preorder this round and they are both amazingly drawn! We elected to go with the more realistically drawn characters at my youngest model's choice. 

Panels are all 4 turtles individually and a panel with the group both in realistic and plushie. Fabric designs include, city stripe, splatter stripe, plushie tossed pizza, plushie main, realistic main. You can see each of these in the collage above. If you would like to see more detail or purchase fabric for a SYOF, you can visit the FA site here (this is an affiliate link). Remember, if you purchase there, you will receive fabric - come back here if you want SKAS to make something for you! 

--Panels offered in sizes Adult (28x35), Child (16x18) - Available on CL and FT.

--Yardage offered on CL, BL, FT, BP, Woven, Stretch Minky, and Minky

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Infinity Wars Custom Fabric Preorder

Available until 9/29

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Panty Panels are also good for child sizes, when appropriate

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