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Florida Mom, Billie Anderson of Sun-kissed & Sandy - a handmade clothing shopI'm Billie, owner, designer, seamstress, & photographer of all things Sun-Kissed & Sandy Handmade clothing! I am a mom of three wild ones and an emphatic beach lover, a bit of a book nerd and somewhat geeky. Around chasing littles and diffusing teenage drama, I like to sew, draw, paint, photograph, design, and do generally creative things!

I learned to sew at my grandmother's knee as little more than a toddler, apprenticed as a drapery maker as a youth during the summer, and in my teenage years I made extra money altering dance wear, costumes, and the occasional prom dress. With my hand in many pies, I also dabbled in set and lighting design, set painting, props making and costuming as well as theatrical photography and lifestyle photography. I love and find it difficult to pass up a good creative project or 'problem'!

Jill-of-all-trades that I am (and always have been), I surprised friends and family alike when I joined the Army right out of my very selective creative arts high school, where I no only served my country, but learned networking on the cusp of the technology age on an island in Hawai'i.

I returned to Florida and went back to school, focusing on photographic arts - once again on the cusp of change, we shot on film, developed and not only traditionally enlarged (printed) our own photographs with burn/dodge techniques (and no undo button!), but we also scanned negatives into photoshop for editing such that we could compare and contrast the processes, and learn how to selectively extract elements and add them to other photos / projects. Photographic design in it's infancy.  I am fairly certain free apps on my cell phone are as capable as photoshop was back then! Weeeeee, technology - sure is a fun ride, no? I had my first child between AA course work and upper level classes, but eventually completed my Bachelor's degree in Information Technology and Media Design after working as a designer for a few years at a local company. 

Florida Mom, Billie Anderson of Sun-kissed & Sandy - a handmade clothing shop I digress. You are here to hear about sewing, no? Well then, allons-y!

I began sewing diapers and the odd clothing when my oldest was in-utero and very little, but put it down in favor of first-time mom life and returning to work and school. Upon my 2nd pregnancy, I really got into small-batch designs and handmade my daughter's entire diaper stash as well as several items of clothing. In my free time, I occasionally offered diaper stash boxes or stash builder sets in plain or custom prints. In the spring of 2016, I virtually opened as Sun-Kissed and Sandy and quickly branched into children's clothing, followed by adult items. I am both astounded and thrilled with the rate at which this venture has grown, and look forward to seeing where it takes me in the years to come. Some place Sun-Kissed and Sandy, I hope! 
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