Hallows Cap Sleeve / Scarf Neck Top

Size: L Adult

I'd really love to have an item like this made for me! 

Made entirely with soft, stretchy cotton spandex jersey knit, this top will easily be the most favored of them all! Banded, tunic length with adorable cap sleeves! 

Large Hallows Tunic Length Top (w/ Cap Sleeves and Loose / Scarf Neck )
Back is full print, waistband is black!

Fits: 40-42 / 33-35 / 43-45 with some give!

Fabric is dye set and pre-shrunk and comes from a dog-friendly and kid crazy home! 

Designer: Sun-Kissed & Sandy Handmade
Page: www.facebook.com/sunkissedandsandy
Group: www.facebook.com/groups/SunkissedHandmade
IG: www.instagram.com/SKASHandmade
Website: www.sunkissedandsandy.com

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