How to Care for Your Garments

Handmade clothing is pretty simple to care for. You can invest as much or as little time into it as you want, depending on how long you would like your items to remain looking new. 

As with all knit clothing, be careful not to excessively stress the seams (such as when helping a toddler dress or when your little prince or princess squats, pulls the shirt down over their legs and pretends to be a monster by waddling after the dog.... 

Aside from little angel antics, treat any spills or stains immediately (we like original blue dawn or oxy - the blue liquid kind), wash/ rinse inside out in cold water on permanent press or delicate, dry on medium to medium low heat or hang to dry (from the bottom of the shirt or waistband of the bottoms). If that sounds way too complicated, just throw it in with your regular laundry, but try not to wash with abrasive materials such as denim / canvas, and don't wash on hot.  

Any of our diapers will be the exception to this... diapers need to be washed and dried on hot for sanitary purposes, and we must endure the possibility of them fading more quickly in favor of clean! 


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