About Us

Why We Exist

We're challenging the way the clothing industry operates. We source small, conscientiously, & we sew small -with big impact and tons of love!

What We Do

Sun-kissed and Sandy clothing is a micro business. Every piece of clothing we offer is handmade. We design, manufacture, and field test almost everything ourselves. You interact directly with the designer / maker / creatively chaotic & crazy woman that will not only take and make, but also process and ship your item(s). From dream and design to build, track, and photograph, we touch your order every single step of the way!

What We Believe In

Sun-Kissed and Sandy also endeavors to support as many small businesses as reasonably possible. The fabric? Mainly sourced from small businesses that print small batch custom designs. Patterns? Also small business designers that test their patterns with other small businesses!  Every order you make not only fills our creative need, but also helps so many other small businesses because nearly every dollar we spend goes right back into the community!

Who We Are

The creative muscle behind the scenes is military veteran and 3 time mom Billie Anderson. She is our main photographer, designer, maker, and customer support. Trust us: there are not enough hours in the day. Learn more about the maker here.


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