Made-to-Order Custom Process

Made to order may be a new concept to you if you haven't delved into small batch clothing yet. Reminiscent of a yester-time, made to order clothing is just that - it's made to order in the size and style you select! How cool is that!

A limited number of styles/sizes are available for made-to-order items offered by Sun-Kissed & Sandy to increase our turn around time. Please understand that our designs are limited and occasionally rotate! Some collections will be based on limited fabric and cannot be re-ordered, while other collections will be style based with rotating fabric designs. As it implies, seasonal collections are only available for a season. We don't want to bore you with the details, but for more information, you can read our FAQs here. 


If you want to know our current turn around time, you can always check here: 
Turn Around Time


New designs often sell out super fast.
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