Pre-order F.A.Q.s

I'm new to custom clothing and small batch fabric, what's a preorder and how does it work?

Fabric pre-orders are when you elect to have custom, small batch fabric purchased on your behalf, to be used with the item of your choice. The pre-order fabric deposit acts as a credit towards the total balance of your invoice. You will be invoiced for the balance of your chosen items, and the invoice is due once the fabric ships to SKAS headquarters / the fabric is in hand. You are then added to the custom list in a first in / first out manner. 

Ok how do I participate in a pre-order? 

Easy - just check out with the desired options here on the website! We have 3 listings, one for swim deposits, one for blanket deposits and one for clothing deposits! You should see pretty much every option you need, but if you don't feel free to message us for help! You will find all available custom fabric pre-orders available in the SKAS Insiders group announcements; please refer to the current month's preorder post for fabric design / panel specifics. Upon the pre-order close date, your fabric is ordered and then we wait! 

What is the timeframe?

Custom fabric manufacture times may be as long as 12 weeks (sometimes more, sometimes less) and is completely out of our control. We try to give an estimate based on our past relationship with manufacturers, however please understand that it is an estimate. Once the fabric has reached SKAS headquarters, it will continue on the same timeline as made-to-order customs & semi-customs. Production time on made-to-order / pre-order customs may be as long as 12 weeks. We do our best to minimize the wait as much as possible, however completion dates are based on order volume and will likely fluctuate depending on the number of custom orders and pre-orders coming in, natural disasters and kid-tastrophies (remember, this is a work-from-home mom business!), so please be prepared for an up to 12 week wait for shipping notifications. 

Ok, So the fabric is done being manufactured, now what?

Upon receiving your fabric, we will contact you to verify your order, styles, and sizes, and update or send out your final invoice. When you receive your final invoice, it should reflect a credit in the amount of the deposit you paid (less fees) prior to the pre-order close date. Please message me if this is not correctly reflected on your invoice so that I can revise it PRIOR to paying. Thank you!

We will contact you via messenger or the SKAS Handmade group to discuss the details of your custom order!

When do I pay my final balance?

Your remaining balance will be due when we receive the fabric/shipping notice for the fabric (which should be 8-12 weeks after close) and must be paid before your item is started. Ideally, we would like the payment within 48 hours, however we can allow more time provided you stay in contact with us. In any case, please understand that your item will not be started until payment is made in full, and that it's place in line is secured with your final payment. Failure to pay within 2 weeks (without communication or prior arrangement) indicates a forfeiture of your fabric/deposit and SKAS is free to repurpose fabric purchased on your behalf. 

Need Help?

For assistance with ordering custom clothing, or for more information on custom fabric pre-orders, please see the SKAS Handmade custom group or click the 'Message Us' button on the bottom right of this page. 


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