November 2018 Custom Fabric Preorders

(Expected ship to me: February/March)
I will be closed from 12/10-1/8, and any incoming preorders during that time will be invoiced / resumed when I return!
NEW! Slowly, I am starting to blog about the preorders I offer nothing exciting but pretty pictures! You can see them here:
To order, check out on our website!
11/2 - Dark Potter Houses in cotton spandex, french terry, minky (blankets), and swim. Panels are big kid and adult size
11/4 - Oz Bamboo in bamboo spandex, cotton spandex, french terry, minky (blankets), stretch minky (blankets + warm clothing) Panels are big kid and adult size
11/9 - Mickey Beach in 
cotton spandex only. 3 panel choices in big kid size only. Panel graphics are great size for 18M-ladies XS may be used for appliqué or pockets on larger sizes. 
Please see individual preorder blog posts for close dates and non-standard panel sizes!
In general, panels sizes are:
Toddler/Child Panel 14" x 18"
Big Kid Panel 21" x 28"
Adult Panel 30"x 35”
Please note that not all panel sizes will be available for each preorder, and that some panel sizes may vary slightly. I will try to make note if they vary greatly. If you have any questions, message me
New (Incomplete) Style Chart Gallery in our Insiders group.
Feel free to message with any questions!
*Deposits are:
$7 child undies
$12 toddler item or adult undies
$17 big kid item or toddler romper
$24 toddler dress or 5+ romper
$36 5+ dress or teen/adult hoodie
$50 Teen/adult full print hoodie / cardi or full print skirt
$24 I don't know just buy this fabric for me and I will decide later (enough for 1-2 kids items or a color blocked adult item. Purchase 2 times if you think you need more fabric.)
+ cost of any requested panels
* Blanket Deposits are: (more info on preorder listing!)
$12 10"x18” Snuggly Size Blanket
$30 36"x30” Toddler / Infant size Blanket
$40 36"x50” Throw / Child Size Blanket
$65 50"x60” Adult Blanket
$75 60"x72” Mega Adult Blanket
+ $5 to child panel, +$7 to throw size (rare) and +$10 to Adult / Mega Adult size panel.
If you feel anything is missing from this deposit list, please let me know so I can work it out and get it added to the site, thank you!
Additional deposits may be requested for items requiring more fabric. Deposits run roughly 1/2 the cost of your requested item, and will be due nlt round close. Remainder is due once the fabric arrives at SKAS headquarters. (usually between 8 + 12 weeks) For additional info on the pre-order process, please see


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