Halloween Witchy Fae on Plum OS Ai2 PLUS (RTS)

Size: OS Infant

I'd really love to have an item like this made for me! 

This pretty little fairy embroidery plays with a black bat on a plum background! She has 23,377 stitches done on plum colored PUL and features a coordinating rust colored organic bamboo velour lining and topped snake soaker and booster. 

**Please note that this diaper has some loose looper threads around the serged edge and a slight discount has been accounted for. This will not affect fit at all and is hardly noticeable as illustrated in pictures. Additional discounts or refunds will not be accepted/given for disclosed flaws, please ask any additional questions prior to purchase. Thank you! 

Ai2 PLUS Construction
In addition to the snake soaker and booster combination, the Ai2 PLUS features a hidden core soaker in the body of the diaper, sandwiched between the outer body and lining materials. The snake soaker is constructed with 2 full layers of heavy bamboo fleece and a layer of velour to match the diaper lining. The snake soaker snaps to size and then snaps into the diaper. A booster is also included, and can be snapped between the layers of the snake soaker for a total of 6 layers of heavy bamboo fleece and 4 layers of velour, in addition to the hidden core soaker. The edges of this diaper, snake soaker, and booster are serged in coordinating thread color.  

This diaper uses 500 GSM / 14.75 OSY bamboo hemp fleece*. Our design results in a total of 4 layers of super heavy bamboo fleece (6 with booster), and 4 layers of cotton velour**, which makes for a SUPER thirsty diaper with 12 layers of absorbency!

**Using cotton velour velour (CV) will marginally increase the absorbency, however they will not 'feel' as dry on baby's bottom as athletic wicking jersey or microfleece, which generally will not increase absorbency.

Wash before first use to prep for your sweet baby's bottom and remove any sewing marks. Natural fibers such as the cotton blends used by SK+S will need to be washed and dried several times before they reach their full absorbency potential, however you may use our diapers after your first wash with the understanding that they are not fully prepped.

*Optional booster will need to be snapped in if you choose to use it. It is best to unsnap your soakers prior to laundering for the longevity of your diapers - especially when using natural fibers such as the organic cotton blends used in our all-in-one/two diapers and fitted diapers! 

* For increased absorbency, inquire about adding a doubler to your diaper order, or ask about our fully absorbent fitted diapers!


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