Mmmmmmm, loungers! Our favorite type of pant to hang out in!

Loungers feature a relaxed fit and wide leg. They are most often made from soft, stretchy fabric and leave room for comfort and maneuverability. They have a soft knit waistband with an optional functional drawstring, and optional pockets either at the hips or at the thighs (cargo style). 

Joggers also feature a similar yoga waistband and are available with or without a drawstring. They have a narrower fit than the loungers (which are a bit of a wide leg fit) and feature a soft fabric band that holds them close to your ankle. 

Capri loungers / joggers come to just below knee length to calf length, depending on your height. 

Joggers and loungers can be made with and without pockets, please see individual listings to determine available options. 

The full length pants come with a standard 30.5" inseam, so if you are taller or shorter, please be sure to specify so we can make them to fit your unique stature! 

Most joggers and loungers are made from 95% cotton, 5% spandex. Care for these pants by machine washing inside out in cold water, machine drying on medium to low heat, and never bleach!


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